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Types of Open Wounds:

1. scratches/ abrasions
2. laceration - regular and irregular

3. penetration and puncture wounds
4. avulsion
5. amputations

6. crushing injury (may be open or closed)

7. gunshot wounds

8. impaled objects

Dressing - any material used to cover a wound that helps control bleeding and aid in the prevention of additional contamination.
Bandage - any material used to hold a dressing in place.
dressing - any water - resistant material (plastic or waxed paper) applied to a wound to prevent the entrance of air and the loss of moisture from internal organs.
dressing - multiple stacked dressing made to form a single dressing 2-3 cm thick, such as a sanitary towel or any simila material.

When applying a bandage and dressing you should be able to:

1. Control bleeding.
2. Apply the dressing using aseptic technique.
3. Cover the wounds completely.
4. Ensure that the dressing and the bandage are firm, fixed and comfortable, but not so tight as to effect circulation
5. Ensure there are no losse ends that can get caught.
6. Avoid covering the fingertips.