was first known as the Bureau of Fire Protection/Search And Rescue Auxiliary Group (BFP/SRAG)
for the reason that the members not from regular force of the BFP. It was organized to aid the enlisted
fire fighters of the bureau in carrying out effective live saving endeavors.
It was in August of 1997 when a group called the CLUB UST Mountaineers (Under the Sambag Tree) held an exhibit plus a two days rappelling show in the University of the Visayas (UV). The activity was done not to show pride, but it was done to convince that mountaineering is a safe and extremely enjoyable past time compared to other sports. The CLUB UST was an organizational help group the new university based mountaineering group called the UV mountaineers, now the University of the Visayas Mountaineers second day of the activity came when Sr. Insp. Anderson A. Comar spoke to the group and offered to have us members of the club to undergo a search and rescue training without monetary figure involved. Sr. Insp. Comar was designated as new Toledo City Fire marshal at that time. He stressed out that all we had to secure for the training expenditures were due of him. Considering the offer; the member had a short talk over the matter and decided to accept and have ourselves trained.
September 1st 1997 these young volunteers started their rigid yet educational training. It is on this same day that CEVSAR board decided to celebrate its anniversary and hold its annual membership meeting.
The training was scheduled 4 months straight every weekend
considering that majority of the trainees were student of various universities
here in Cebu. The group had undergone trainings of Basic Fire Fighting Techniques (BEFT), Single Rope Techniques Rise/High Angle SAR (HASAR, Cavern/Underground SAR (USAR), Mountain SAR (MOSAR), Jungle Environmental Survival Training (JES), Water Rescue and Survival (WRS), Basic Scuba Diving Course (BSDC), and Basic First Aid/CPR (BFA?CPR). Finally on December, the trainees were destined to have complied the 4 month long training; hence, they have pass the last and actual cavern survival. The event was held in Toledo City, Cebu. Everything was on a tip top shape until a senior fire officer accidentally fell on a 20 ft. drop off. While trainees had their baptism of the fire on that moment. It took us 10 minutes to retrieve the injured fire fighter. A another 5 minutes was consumed for administering first aid to his lacerated scalp before we had to continued that activity. Fortunately, he had neither fractures nor other injuries aside from what we ha treated. About 4 hours in the cave, we headed towards the Spring Park mountain resort adjacent to the cave for graduation ceremonies. Among the invited guest was the Cebu Provincial Fire marshal at that time in the person of Supt. Eduardo A. Lagumbay who himself witnessed and experienced the actual cavern rescue operation.
Weeks after the graduation, the group had been involved in both major and minor search and rescue operations.
Early 1998, the BFP/SRAG held an intimate meeting among consultants, trainors and members. The main agenda was the proposal to change the name of the group at the same time, expanding its operational scope and have it registered to certifying government institution so as to gain legal personality. Upon complying with all the certification requirements, BFP/SARG opted to stay silent and continue life saving services. May of 1998, the Securities and Exachange Commission (SEC) awarded BFP/SARG its certificate of registration declaring the newly registered name CENTRAL VISAYAS SEARCH AND RESCUE GROUP INCORPORATED (CEVSAR).
Up to the present day, the group stands for its name and continued its linkage to other rescue institutions despite of some criticisms both destructive an constructive. Through the years, CEVSAR had always been strong and protective. Through the years, CEVSAR had always been strong and protective with its morale to provide the public with a continuing service on life saving. Aiming high to acquire adequate equipments and logistical support through helpful institution, CEVSAR will always adhere to its motto...” To save lives and property".